Maker Table

Maker Table is a family of filmmakers in Denton, TX that creates emotionally driven, cinematically crafted work.

Our team is passionate about bringing meaning to the seemingly ordinary. We like to think that we build bridges between audiences and your brand/product through sonic and visual storytelling. 



Narrative Films
Music Videos

Our Process


Let the ideas flow.

We start the process by working with you to come up with a creative concept that fits your brand and accomplishes your goals.

Without good creative, you're left with just some pretty pictures.


Make movie magic.

From development all the way to lights, camera, action. We take the idea and make it reality.



Chop, chop.

Post production– this is where your story starts to take shape. We come to the table with a highly-creative editorial approach.

We specialize in concept-to-completion production, seeing your vision from start to finish.



Signed, sealed, delivered.

The film is completed and delivered to you. We work with you to strategize the most potentially successful rollout.


Meet your Maker Table.

Ryan Polly


Ryan co-founded the company with Dan and dabbles in producing, writing, and editing, primarily focusing on directing/writing narrative & commercial projects. He's obsessed with pizza and could talk your ear off about Marvel Comics or what movies he's been watching.

Grant Wakefield


Grant is a jack-of-all-trades type, and while you'd expect me to follow that phrase with "master of none", he's the contrary. He's basically the Nick Fury of Maker Table, handling production, project management, and assembling teams. At any given time you can find him looking at pictures of his adorable baby.

Daniel Routh

Director of Photography

Daniel co-founded the company with Ryan and does a little bit of everything. He has a huge passion for visual storytelling and technology, and naturally fits the role of DP. On any given day you could probably find Daniel chasing light with his medium format in hand.


Meet our partners.