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Mallory, we're excited about the prospect of doing some videos for Christman, Kelley, & Clarke. Since you said the videos would be mainly for a website, here are some examples of the kinds of relevant company videos we can do for you. As I said on the phone, we are a goal-oriented company so we try to align ourselves with a specific goal that you're trying to achieve and then come up with a video or set of videos that will help you accomplish your goal. Here are some examples:



Branded Films

Essentially, a branded film is a dynamic, inspiring approach to video marketing that aims to connect viewers to a brand or company in an emotional way. We work together with you to come up with a story that appeals to the emotional side of the target demographic. The benefit to this is that it gives target viewers a sense of relationship to the brand; they feel positively about "company x" which makes them more likely to buy and become loyal, long-term customers. Branded films generally perform very well on social media (this one got over 75k views in a few days on Facebook) as well as for driving a high-volume of traffic to the website. Additionally, the footage we capture for a branded film often serves as a really elegant-looking video background on the company's website. 

Another example of a branded film we've done:




Budgets can range anywhere from $10-25k depending on the scale.


Company overview

A company overview is sort of a hybrid between a branded film and an informational video (see below). It gives viewers information in a way that is engaging and emotionally-driven. These are great for companies that are needing to educate viewers about the company but also are wanting to do it in a way that is entertaining and exciting. Often times, the company overviews we create are used on the homepage as the centerpiece of a company's website and generally perform well on social media as well. Often times, they give viewers a backstory about the company and about the heart behind the company and their services or product. Just like a branded film, we're often asked to make a short version of the video (without audio) that can be used as a video background on the company's website.

See the video in action:

Here are a few more examples of company overviews we've done: 

Signet Art:





Budgets can range anywhere from $6-15k depending on the scale.



These tend to be very information-driven and often times are specifically for target audiences that are already "in the know" about the industry or the brand. They typically don't include a lot of flashy camera work or heart-wrenching stories but instead focus specifically on educating the audience. Whereas a branded film might drive traffic to the website, informational videos usually live on the website in strategic places and are often a great companion to a branded film or company overview. Informational videos can be entirely animated (motion graphics), entirely live-action (on camera), or they can include a combination of both. 


See the video (and others like it) in action:




Budgets can range anywhere from $4k-8k depending on the scale.


We'd love to chat with you further about what your goals are for the company website and what videos we can create to best accomplish those goals. Also, feel free to click around on our website and view other projects we've done, just be aware that it's still under construction.

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Daniel Routh