What We Will Do

UrbanTribe Cargo Bicycles are a lot of things.

(1) Fun.  (2) Comfortable.
(3) Safe.  (4) Community focused.
(5) Energy efficient.  (6) Easy.

Our goal is to create a beautiful video that will entertain the viewer and introduce the Urban Tribe Cargo Bicycle to the consumer by showing all of these things.

Why We Do It

As a whole, our culture and our world is consuming incredible amount of film and video. At the same time, they're inundated with thousands of ads every day.

Our niche is in our ability to cut through all that clutter and get straight to the hearts and minds of a brand's target audience.

We bring meaning to the seemingly ordinary. 



The audience for this video is young, upper-middle class families.
Hip moms and the such.


1x – Two minute brand video.
5x – 15 second social videos.


Our Process


We start the process by working with you to come up with a creative concept that fits your brand and accomplishes your goals.


From development all the way to lights, camera, action. We take the idea and make it reality.

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Post production– this is where your story starts to take shape. We come to the table with a highly-creative editorial approach.


The film is completed and delivered to you. We work with you to strategize the most potentially successful rollout.


Nowadays, people expect more from online content. And businesses are trying to go that extra mile– they want to create video content that serves it's purpose but also has the chance to go viral. Our concept accomplishes our goals for the video but does so in a creative way that will also entertain and be shareable to people who may not even have interest in purchasing a bike.

The goal for this concept is to take what we would usually do in a typical "product walkthrough" and add in a more creative, narrative approach. It leans more towards "show" than "tell", although it's got a good bit of telling as well.

Reference Music

(listen while you read)


"Your Family, Your Tribe"



The video opens in an entryway of a nice suburban house. A young mom waits by the door.

Everybody ready?

Her 3 young children run towards her and out the door as she opens the front door. They stop in the driveway as her son Jimmy points to something off screen.

(pointing) Yuck!

The camera whip-pans and we see that Jimmy is pointing at their mini-van. 

Jimmy! What did I tell you about insulting the mini-van?

The family walks over to their Urban Tribe bicycle that's now in frame. The children start to climb in as Mom addresses the camera.

You don't always need a car to get places. With our Urban Tribe Cargo Bicycle, I can fit all of my children safely and comfortably in the cargo bin, and save gas in the process.

She buckles the kids in as we get a close up of the 3-point seat-belts locking securely in place. Fun motion graphics pop-up showing different features of the bike (seat-belts, two-bench cargo box) 

No offense to mini-vans.

We cut to a shot of the family riding up-hill on their Urban Tribe Bicycle.

Urban Tribe is easy to take anywhere, whether it's to the park, the public pool, or even the local grocery.

We see an overhead shot of the dashboard displaying the stats and battery info.

Heck, since it's got an electric motor, I don't even have to pedal.

In a wide shot they easily pass a cyclist who is working up a huge sweat trying to make it up the hill.

(to cyclist as they pass him) Beautiful day huh?

We cut to a shot of a turtle crossing the road. The Urban Tribe stops just short of hitting it.

It's got fancy
Avid BB5 disc brakes so it doesn't matter if the road's dry,

We cut to the Urban Tribe with the rain cover on braking in front of a turtle on a wet road.

...soakin' wet,

We cut to the Urban Tribe braking in front of a turtle on a gravel road.

...or a little rocky. You can stop on a dime and keep your family safe in all conditions.

We cut to the family arriving at their local park. All 3 children are holding turtles as if they saved each one as a pet as they stopped in front of them on the roads.

It's about the senses– the sound of your children’s voices, the smell of blooming spring flowers, the look of waving neighbors, the feel of the wind rushing through your hair, and the taste of freedom as you ride.

We see a montage of the things she's saying. Children smiling and laughing in the cargo bin, flowers, a zoom-in on goofy waving neighbors, wind blowing through the mom's hair as if she reenacts a shampoo commercial.

Enjoy everyday experiences with your family, your tribe.
...Jimmy what are you doing with that turtle?!

Mom runs out of frame quickly as the UrbanTribe graphic and CTA appear on screen.



Reference Images





Reference Videos

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WAG: Dog's Best FRIEND

Why it's referenced: Similar tone, bright/colorful visuals


Why it's referenced: Informative and funny






    • Rent/prep gear and crew
    • Find and secure locations
    • Location Scouting
    • Scripting
    • Shot-list/storyboards


  • Activities

    • 1 Days Production
    • Director, DP, AC, Producer, Sound
    • Camera & Lens Package
    • Grip & Lighting


  • Activities

    • 3 Days of Editing
    • Color-Grading
    • Sound mix/design
    • Media management and archiving
  • Deliverables

    • 90 second video
    • 5x short social media clips


Post Production